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Gabba Gabba – 6 de Junio de 2016 1. AC/DC – Night Prowler 2. Fuad & The Feztones – Shiver Me Timbers 3. Pendiente 4. The Boss Mustang – Mrs. McKee 5. The Sir Finks – Boots 6. Pendiente 7. The Fleshtones – Speedy Gonzalez 8. The Fleshtones – Feels God To Feel 9. The Fleshtones – Going Back To School 10. The Fleshtones – Take A Walk With The Fleshtones 11. Siena Root – Whole Lotta Love 12. The Jackets – Don’t Turn Yourself In 13. Van Buren Wheels – Hang Out With Me 14. 13th Magic Skull – Lubantum Secret 15. Pendiente 16. The Jumping Jewels – Black Twist 17. Witchdoktors – Walk The Talk 18. Cadillac Hitmen – Fistful Of Amphetamines 19. The Phantom Four – A Forest 20. Gasolines – Viva Link Wray


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Mixcloud have an iPhone app which allows you to stream their mixes. However, the quality of the streamed mp3 is not the best. Use this site on your iPhone to find the download links and if you click one of the working links, the mp3 should open in Quicktime. Using this method you can stream the high quality mp3 for free!

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