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Ten Great Songs from One Great Year! 4/21: On today’s edition of Soundwaves 10@10, we’ll play ten great songs that became worldwide smashes, despite the fact that the powers that be thought they would be only deserving as B-side fodder for whatever the chosen single would be. From the Beatles to the Stones, from Madonna to Prince and Springsteen, you won’t believe the songs deemed not good enough! Hosted by Dennis Willis, and featuring original 10@10 maestro Dave Morey. HIT THE FOLLOW BUTTON TO HEAR BRAND NEW EPISODES FIRST! Tell a friend ... spread the word ... and use the comment section below to share your thoughts, send us birthday requests, and vote for BEST OF SET. BROWSE OUR ARCHIVES: http://soundwavestv.com/category/1010/

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Downloading Mixcloud mp3s

For Mixcloud, you need to go to the cloudcast page where you can see information about the cloudcast and copy the url, it should look something like http://www.mixcloud.com/alec_empire/alec-empire-dj-set-at-european-dnb-rave-2009/. Click the image below to see an example of a cloudcast page.

Paste the url into the Download box at the top of the homepage then click the Download icon or press the Enter key.

You should now see a list of mp3 urls. For each of these, try to download them by right clicking the link and selecting "save link as" (or something similiar depending on which web browser you use). If the link works it should start downloading and take a few minutes. Not all of the links will work so keep trying until you find one.


If a tracklist has been provided by the artist, you should be able to copy and paste it in a handy format. Try saving it as a text file with the mp3, or if you use iTunes, paste it into the lyrics field for the mp3 info.

Stream Mixcloud mp3s

Mixcloud have an iPhone app which allows you to stream their mixes. However, the quality of the streamed mp3 is not the best. Use this site on your iPhone to find the download links and if you click on play, the mp3 should open. Using this method you can stream the high quality mp3 for free!